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APATOR Switch Disconnector

RBK fuse switch disconnectors are designed for distribution of electricity and protection against short cir­cuits and overloads in three phase alternative current circuits.

RBK meet technical requirements of polish and other european electricity boards and are conforming to PN-EN 60947-1, PN-EN 60947-3,IEC 60947-1, IEC 60947-3 standards.

Fuse switch disconnectors are dedicated for applications type cable cabinets.

RBK fuse switch disconnectors are made of fibre glass strengthened, thermoplastic polyamides with halogen free flame retardant added. Added flame retardant provides V2 flammability class according to IEC 60695-11-10. Such thermoplastics have longer self-extinguish time after ignition source is removed than V0 class thermoplastics. Also dripping of non fla­ming parts of plastic is allowed.