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C&S Switchgear

Established in 1966, C&S Electric has become one of the largest organizations elsewhere in signaling, switching, distribution, and monitoring of energy since its establishment.

C&S Electric is one of the top 3 manufacturers  in the low voltage product market and has a 50% share in the Busbar market in India. 18 production facilities in Noida, Haridwar, Pantnagar, Bhiwani, Guwahati (India) and Boom (Belgium) cover a total of 21 million m2 of working area. C&S Electric ensure a high level of quality with cutting-edge equipment and production facilities.

C&S Electric appeals to millions of customers around the world with a total of more than 5 thousand employees including more than 600 engineers. Perfection in design is aimed with 70 engineers and state-of-the-art test equipment in R&D centers, spread over an area of ​​215 thousand m2 for which 2% of the total turnover is reserved as an R&D budget.

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