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KATKO Safety Switches

KATKO, as family company from FINLAND, provides SAFETY SWITCHES on a global scale. The history of KATKO dates back to 1938 when the brothers Kauko and 
Tauno Hyryläinen started their first company to repair car engines. 
In 1946, after World War II, they started  manufacturing electrical switches. Already in 1959 Mr Kauko Hyryläinen created the modern-­day switch fuse. Today KATKO’s products not only meet the highest quality requirements but are also designed to be environmentally friendly.

KATKO is the main solution provider for the global dairy industry. Our clients choose KATKO for both food hygiene and work safety reasons. KATKO products are generally tailored in collaboration with the customer to suit their specific hygiene and performance needs: endurance of both cold and warm jet water sprays, all kinds of moisture, chemicals and detergents.

Wherever warm or cool air is needed, KATKO is the choice that will not leave you gasping for breath. Intensive care units in hospitals rely on KATKO switches for their air supply. Work safety is always a top priority – with KATKO switches service personnel can depend on reliable disconnection.

KATKO solutions cover all fields of heavy industry. We have served Scandinavian pulp and paper companies for decades on end and have grown to be an essential part of the value chain for the widest spectrum of industries all around the world – ranging from metal manufacturing to water purification to strip mills.

Even the world’s most demanding and hostile environments need to be switched on and off. KATKO delivers stainless steel casings and extra-­strong handles for the mining industry in both the northern and southern hemispheres Finland and Australia. Our ATEX products serve high-­risk areas and our RINA-­certified marine product range was 
chosen for the world’s largest passenger vessel.

KATKO power distribution products can be found everywhere from industrial premises to sports arenas, in apartment blocks and schools buildings, as well as in shopping centres. KATKO delivers the whole range of products from enclosed and open types of load break switches to 16-­630A switch fuses, cable connectors and terminal blocks. KATKO products can be installed to suit your specific need enclosed disconnectors, door interlock handles, direct handles or door mountings with related accessories.

KATKO is also working on new solutions for renewable energy – today’s fastest growing area of energy production. 
Our Nordic operational environment is the perfect laboratory setting for our product development both because of the region’s high-­standard of research facilities and also because of its harsh and intensely varied climate.